If you don’t have some Levi’s 501s in your wardrobe, then you are seriously missing out on something truly spectacular. There is a reason why millions of men are in love with their Levi’s 501s. It is not just another pair of denims, although some people regard it as such. There are denims and there are Levi’s 501s. You could call it a classic collection or a signature series. You may classify it as a standard go to jeans for men or something that is just a safe choice in different circumstances. Regardless of how you see or treat a pair of Levi’s 501, you cannot dispute its relevance and you definitely cannot dismiss its popularity around the world.


The best attribute of Levi’s 501 jeans is perhaps its subtle yet profound style. There is nothing in the design that appears to be loud or out of place.


Yet, it manages to grab attention. There is some classic attire for men that are more flattering than some contemporary fashions. There are some contemporary styles that can be genuine head turners. Levi’s 501 is in a league of its own. It is a classic, but it is also contemporary. The form, fit, durability, comfort, pairing, elegance and functionality of this signature piece are unmatched.


Levi’s 501 comes in bold colours, but they are never a distraction. In fact, most people consider the shades to be subtle since they are amazingly rich in texture without being too bright or dull, glossy or bland. The simplicity yet aesthetic brilliance of the design allows the pair of jeans to be an ideal pairing for any type of t-shirt or shirt you have. The black, blue, navy or even grey will go just as well with something white or red, purple or beige. There is no dearth of options when it comes to pairing. The pairing is not limited to shirts or t-shirts and jackets. It extends to shoes, sunglasses, watches and other accessories.


Levi’s 501 offers you the luxury to play it safe or you can make bold choices. You can opt for complementing colours or contrasting shades. You can achieve a lean look with matching colors, for instance by coupling a black or blue t-shirt with a black or blue 501. The versatile, hardwearing, flexible and enduring 501 should be an integral component of your wardrobe. The real question is how many pairs you should have.

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