It is easy to comprehend the literal differences among skinny, slim, regular and relaxed fits. The problem lies in the exact implications of every specific style and fit. When you shop for Lee jeans or any other brand for that matter, you must know specifically what every style means and what a particular fit will actually be like. It is one thing to just classify a particular style as skinny, slim, regular or relaxed. How it would look on you, whether or not you would be comfortable and if the contours of your waist, hips, thighs, calves and the size of your legs would make the specific type of Lee jeans perfect for you would demand a much more comprehensive understanding of the styles and fits.

Lee jeans are available in skinny fits, slims, regulars and relaxed fits. The Malone collection has jeans with regular waist, skinny fit and skinny leg for men. These have a comfortable waist that emulates what you may find in a regular fit. The skinny fit and part of the jeans is confined to the thighs down to the ankles. Slim Lee jeans have a regular waist and tapered leg. The Luke collection for instance has a fine slim fit but a skinny fit around the ankle which looks rather slick. The tapered leg works for most men who do not have very thin legs. The style is slim fit but it may be skinny for slightly healthy men or those who have moderately toned legs. The Rider collection on the other hand has a regular waist, slim leg and slim fit. There is no tapering of any sort. This is a fine balance between tapered and relaxed, skinny and regular. The rise is slightly higher and the cut is quite different from other Lee jeans.

If you are looking for a regular fit with a regular waist but a slim leg then you will find Daren to be ideal. The mid low waist, regular slim fit, slim leg and the classic straight cut would suit almost anything you can put on top. For those looking for relaxed ” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>Lee jeans, Arvin regular tapered would be a perfect fit. This collection has a relaxed high waist with regular fit and tapered leg. This type of Lee jeans is roomy and hence unquestionably comfortable. But it still has a slimming effect. Do not expect those baggy jeans that used to be popular in the last century. Lee did make many of those back in the day. If you want a more relaxed fit then you should go for Brooklyn. The collection features regular fit jeans with straight leg and fitted waist.

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