Lee Brooklyn jeans have successfully managed to do what many series from various brands had tried and failed to achieve. Lee Brooklyn jeans are the perfect synergy of fit and comfort without compromising style or movement. It should be noted that skinny or slim jeans are rarely very manoeuvrable. Even the slenderest men and women struggle to enjoy a perfectly natural poise during movements and while working purposefully in different postures. The baggiest jeans, that include looser fitting styles, are the less desirable in a purely aesthetic sense. They do not have prominent lines and the whole craftsmanship gets lost in the jean’s large form, this means they appears shapeless in most instances. Lee Brooklyn jeans are the midway you are looking for no matter your body shape.

Lee Brooklyn jeans come in two fits, straight and regular. They come in over a dozen sizes, the customary twenty eight and thirty, thirty two and thirty four, thirty six and thirty eight. They also come in thirty one and thirty three. You can go for forty, forty two, forty four, forty six and forty eight. The length ranges from thirty two through thirty six with two inches leaps. The Lee Brooklyn jeans collection is predominantly available in blue, black and grey.

Now, it is almost customary for any pair of jeans measuring between twenty eight up to thirty six to be appropriate in a straight fit. Thirty eight and beyond deserves a regular fit. There is an exception though. If you are taller than six feet, then you can very well go for a straight fit despite choosing a forty inches waist or larger. If you’re a little on the short side and have a waist measuring a forty four waist, then straight line may not be the fit for you. The only rare instance this is possible is if you have a strangely broader waist but well toned legs. A straight fit demands no excess fat in the legs and the hips should not be large.

The most appreciable achievement of Lee Brooklyn jeans is the movement it facilitates despite holding on to its fit, form and prominent lines. The jeans remain stylish even if you choose the larger sizes and a regular fit. The jeans have a normal waist so even if you choose a larger size, there is no unnecessary roominess or bulging when you sit down. The regular fit around the knee works for most men. The straight leg at the bottom also naturally suits most men.

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