Nike is one of the largest footwear brands in the world. It has become integrally associated with various sports. Loved by millions in the country, Nike trainers have outclassed many of its competitors and the scenario is unlikely to change in the near future. However, there is a shortcoming in Nike trainers. You may call it incompatibility or a demerit. This does not negate or reduce the significance of the merits of course.

Nike was the first footwear maker to introduce shoes for cross training. What we now refer to as Nike trainers were originally called Nike Air Trainer 1. This shoe initiated the pursuit of all competing footwear brands to make pairs for cross training. The most significant merit of Nike trainers is its utility in a plethora of activities. You can wear Nike trainers when you go for a run or jog. You can wear the same pair if you wish to play tennis or cricket. You can play basketball or rugby. You can wear the same pair at your gym. You can do cross fit, strength training and aerobics. Nike trainers are an all-weather friend. One pair and you would not have to think about what to wear for specific types of activities or exercises. You may very well sport your Nike trainers at a party or on a hiking trip.

The demerit of Nike trainers is the fact that it is not the best option for certain activities. It is not the ideal hiking shoe, it is not the perfect option for long distance running or even sprinting, it is not a specialised tennis shoe or rugby stud and it is definitely not the spikes you would need to wear while playing pro or semipro cricket. Nike trainers are neither running shoes nor sports shoes, neither sneakers nor casual footwear, neither formal nor specialised boots. They are wearable in most circumstances for almost all activities you can think of without being a perfect choice for several instances.

Nike trainers are hence a fitting option for anyone who is looking for a multipurpose shoe. It is impractical to expect people to buy one pair of shoes for every specific type of activity. It is possible to carry a pair of running shoes and a pair of Nike trainers to the gym, but it is not affordable for all and surely there is some inconvenience too. If you are in doubt of which type of shoe you must buy for a range of activities, safely opt for a pair of Nike trainers and you would love it.

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