Lee is a legend among denim brands. It has been around since 1889. The brand has become a signature of innovation and durability. Its quality is unsurpassed. Some may debate that Lee has its equal in more than one competing brand but the company surely has many firsts to its credit. The first zip fly jeans were made by Lee. It came up with hair on hide leather label and the stylised stitching on the back pocket. Lee jeans are practical and they are just as good as work-wear as they are appropriate at trendy settings. One of the oldest brands has remained contemporary for over a hundred and twenty years.

There aren’t too many limited editions of Lee jeans. The mass manufacturer of denims is not that interested in exorbitantly priced special editions. However, it has indulged in the niche from time to time. One of the recent limited edition Lee jeans was a result of the brand collaborating with a boutique in London. Lee jeans have never been deemed to be of premium quality. It has been more of a darling of the masses, whether in America or here in England. The boutique in London that teamed up with Lee is Other. Matthew Murphy designed the limited edition collection for women and men. He had worked with Lee before to tweak styles of vintage jeans popular in Japan.

The classic Lee jeans were redefined to be more avant-garde. The limited edition comprises fashion forward designs and pieces. The silhouettes of some classic design elements like Scarlett and Western have been retained in some designs but if you look closely then the polka dots, fabric patches and quaint chambray and silk replicate would become apparent. The polka dots are hand embroidered in the collection. The replicate clothing actually showcases the continuous darning, washing and patching. The collection is definitely a bit more esoteric with finer details but it is only available at the boutique. The exclusive rights to sell the special collection of Lee jeans was a given from the outset.

The collection went on sale a few years back but you may still find a few. Prices are over twenty five quid. You may even find some inspired Lee jeans as a result of this special edition at other stores. If you are looking for other special editions of Lee jeans that are not confined to this boutique in London, then you are in luck and you can browse the collections online.

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