The first ever shoe marketed as a trainer was from Nike. It was called Nike Air Trainer 1. This kind of shoe set the stage for cross training footwear. The shoe was designed by Tinker Hatfield. Cross training shoes or trainers have come a long way in the past fifty years. Today, several brands make trainers, but Nike has remained as one of the most trusted brands in this niche as well. Tinker Hatfield wanted to make a shoe that would be wearable during various activities or sports. Nike Air Trainer 1 was aimed at runners, tennis players or aspirants, basketball players and not necessarily professionals, gym goers and fitness enthusiasts among others. The shoe became the default choice for anyone who wanted a running shoe to be more compatible for other activities. Read More →

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Ask Nike about athletic performance or the way their shoes would help enhance your physical abilities and the official representatives would be very cautious in their responses. Nike shoes have been widely endorsed around the world and innumerable athletes have grown to love a plethora of their designs and models. Since many athletes, sports persons and fitness enthusiasts endorse Nike shoes wholeheartedly, one does wonder if the footwear or the comfort, stability and cushion in them have any effect on athletic performance. Read More →

Nike Trainers

Nike is one of the largest footwear brands in the world. It has become integrally associated with various sports. Loved by millions in the country, Nike trainers have outclassed many of its competitors and the scenario is unlikely to change in the near future. However, there is a shortcoming in Nike trainers. You may call it incompatibility or a demerit. This does not negate or reduce the significance of the merits of course. Read More →

Lee Brooklyn jeans have successfully managed to do what many series from various brands had tried and failed to achieve. Lee Brooklyn jeans are the perfect synergy of fit and comfort without compromising style or movement. It should be noted that skinny or slim jeans are rarely very manoeuvrable. Even the slenderest men and women struggle to enjoy a perfectly natural poise during movements and while working purposefully in different postures. The baggiest jeans, that include looser fitting styles, are the less desirable in a purely aesthetic sense. They do not have prominent lines and the whole craftsmanship gets lost in the jean’s large form, this means they appears shapeless in most instances. Lee Brooklyn jeans are the midway you are looking for no matter your body shape. Read More →

Those who are familiar with Wrangler Texas Stretch would not be surprised with the gradual transformation of the original. There are some variants available today but the design, style and fit have largely remained unaltered. The original Wrangler Texas Stretch is still a bestseller and it is likely to be so in the future, if not for anything else then certainly for its ability to endure. A Wrangler Texas Stretch would last years and for many it would be decades. Read More →

Like in case of footwear, the fit is of immense significance when you are shopping for apparel. You may still compromise a little on the fit of a comfy t-shirt or even a shirt that is not too roomy. This cannot be said about a pair of jeans. Unlike cargos and formal trousers, jeans should have a perfect fit. It is another matter that formal trousers also warrant a perfect fit if you wish to look dapper. The sizing issue is a concern for many and hence it is unsurprising why so many men around the world go for tailored clothes. You can always alter men’s Lee jeans and amend them to size. But such a scope is limited when you are buying online. You ought to know exactly what the manufacturer says about fitting and if a particular pair of men’s Lee jeans would suit your body. Read More →

Wrangler Ohio jeans is a fine blend of the classic design and a relaxed fit that millions of men prefer for daily use. Slim fits and skinny jeans have their relevance and obvious popularity but day-to-day use warrants a comfort fit. Tapered legs look stylish on many men but a straight leg is timeless and actually a necessity if you factor in the rigours of personal and professional chores. One of the perennial criticisms of most jeans that sport a regular fit is the lack of style. Baggy jeans are not fashionable. They may have been at one point in time but are frowned upon today and rightly so. It is the balancing act of Wrangler Ohio jeans that makes it a must have pair for every man. Read More →

It is easy to comprehend the literal differences among skinny, slim, regular and relaxed fits. The problem lies in the exact implications of every specific style and fit. When you shop for Lee jeans or any other brand for that matter, you must know specifically what every style means and what a particular fit will actually be like. It is one thing to just classify a particular style as skinny, slim, regular or relaxed. How it would look on you, whether or not you would be comfortable and if the contours of your waist, hips, thighs, calves and the size of your legs would make the specific type of Lee jeans perfect for you would demand a much more comprehensive understanding of the styles and fits. Read More →

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Nike has hundreds of shoes on sale right now. Over fifty of them have near universal popularity. Not all of them would qualify to be classified as Nike trainers though. Even if you overlook the practical difference between sneakers or casual shoes and trainers, there are some obvious attributes that would warrant your attention and you will have to differentiate the two collections. Here is a list of the best Nike trainers of 2018. Read More →