In 2001, the fashion trend known as nudie jeans was created by Maria Erixon. This denim brand was founded in Gothenburg, Sweden. Her belief and idea behind the brand was that the more wear and tear jeans have, the more character they have. Thus the nudie jeans were created.

In the beginning, the company was kept fairly small. After two years of being open, they only had twelve employees. Although small, they had an incredible revenue of 93 million Swedish kroner and an astounding net income of 13.6 million kroner. Oddly enough, over 70% of that revenue was generated from countries outside of Sweden. Throughout the years, the nudie jeans brand has become more popular and the revenue has greatly increased during that time.

The nudie jeans do not represent one specific gender or style. They were created for both men and women alike. They also come in several different styles, including skinny jeans. As with any style of jeans, nudie jeans can be accessorized in many different ways to create several different looks. Due to the “worn” look of them, you will not find it easy to be able to dress them up. However, if you are looking for a more casual or trendy look, nudie jeans are certainly the perfect go to.

While some may find a pair of nudie jeans to be a bit pricey, others insist that they are a must have addition to their wardrobe. Of course, this is going to be an issue of personal preference. Although the trend is one that was developed many years ago, it is one that has hung around and seems to be making a comeback in the fashion world of today.

The nudie jeans brand prides themselves in being 100% organic in their products. They also pride themselves in being a company with high ethical priorities. While not everyone originally purchases nudie jeans due to the companies ethics, it is a trait that certainly creates loyal customers for them. An ethical company is something that consumers hold in high regard today. Currently, they are in distribution in 26 countries around the world. Along with the numerous shops, there is also the option to purchase online.

It is recommended by the company that you do not wash them for at least six months. The wear and tear is what makes the nudie jeans what they are. The company also offers a repair service if needed. While they may seem a bit pricey at initial purchase, many find that the quality and workmanship are well worth it.


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