Like in case of footwear, the fit is of immense significance when you are shopping for apparel. You may still compromise a little on the fit of a comfy t-shirt or even a shirt that is not too roomy. This cannot be said about a pair of jeans. Unlike cargos and formal trousers, jeans should have a perfect fit. It is another matter that formal trousers also warrant a perfect fit if you wish to look dapper. The sizing issue is a concern for many and hence it is unsurprising why so many men around the world go for tailored clothes. You can always alter men’s Lee jeans and amend them to size. But such a scope is limited when you are buying online. You ought to know exactly what the manufacturer says about fitting and if a particular pair of men’s Lee jeans would suit your body.

According to the official descriptions of fits available from the manufacturer, you can shop for men’s Lee jeans in slim, straight, regular, athletic, relaxed and loose fits. If you were wondering all you had to choose from were slim, straight and regular, then you are in for a pleasant surprise. All major brands have ventured well beyond the three simplistic classifications for a long time now. Let us quickly check out what these sizes mean.

• The slim fit still means lean & mean. It is for slim or slender men.

• Straight has neat lines and it is roomier than a slim fit but still compact enough.

• Regular has more room than straight and the lines are not as neat but somewhat prominent.

• Athletic is not a slim fit. It is roomier to accommodate bigger thighs or larger legs.

• Relaxed is basically a comfort fit without being baggy. The lines blur in this size.

• Loose fit is baggy and the pair would seem roundish in parts.

Many have issues with men’s Lee jeans sizes and fits precisely because they do not conform to the guide and the simple descriptions. If you are a fitness freak or someone with a neatly sculpted body, you do not need the athletic fit because it is not for those with washboard abs. Slim or straight is what you need. If you are a bodybuilder with biceps and thighs reminding one of the terminator then you have to go for relaxed or loose fit. Not even athletic would do your bulk the justice it deserves.

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