Wrangler has been a major brand of denims for a long time now. It is not as old as some of its other equally popular competitors but it has certainly been one of the more celebrated American originals that have dominated the realm of denims. Wrangler has not been too aggressive with its experiments. Its competitors have also held back from unnecessary toying with materials or designs. Whatever experiments the big brands have carried out have been limited to special editions. Only when something has been proven to be truly effective, such as stretchable jeans that combine cotton and polyester, have these brands rolled out something new and we are perhaps going to witness something similar anytime now.

Wrangler opened a Jeanswear Innovation Centre not too long ago with the purpose of improving and perhaps redefining denims. This is not the stated objective though as the parent company that owns Wrangler among other brands of denims and apparel is trying to experiment with different technologies pertaining to all their products. However, most people in the loop feel there may be something interesting happening in the jeans segment. The vice president of VF Corp, the parent company of Wrangler, Scott Baxter has gone on record to state that the innovation centre is experimenting with different materials and trying to make jeans that would be more fitting for its recent classification in the athleisure category.

Wrangler has always been known for its durable jeans that can last a lifetime in some cases. The emergence of athleisure and its growing popularity in the last two decades has definitely usurped a substantial market share from the brands of denims. The advent of stretchable jeans coincided with the nascent phase of athleisure apparel. Yoga pants, leggings and jeggings became more preferred than jeans. Men too wanted stretchable jeans for more comfort, albeit there are many who would still settle for the good old original denims.

Scott Baxter, vice president of VF Corp, feels that the demand for athleisure is poised to grow further but that the demand for leggings and yoga pants is past the peak. Jeans are not only making a comeback but innovation would make denims such as Wrangler more comfortable, perhaps more stretchable too and the feel would be more satiating than a pair has ever been. Baxter has said that advancement in technology, fabric and yarn has been unprecedented in the last twenty years and it is time for jeans to reflect the same.

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