There is a new pair of Wrangler jeans available in the UK. It is called the Cool Vantage Wrangler jeans. The official or trademarked name is Wrangler Premium Performance Cool Vantage. Wrangler teamed up with mount Vernon FR to introduce the revolutionary technology for the first time in jeans sometime back and the proprietary cooling tech powered jeans is now available in most markets.

Mount Vernon FR had a special type of fabric that they called Cooleemee. Wrangler used this fabric and came up with the Cool Vantage tech to be used in jeans. The jeans have the ability to wick perspiration. Hence, it can extract moisture from within the jeans through to the outside where from it can evaporate naturally and more readily. It is needless to say that this cooling technology makes the Wrangler jeans more comfortable, especially during summers or if you are in a tropical paradise. The technology also contributes to the durability of the jeans.

Moisture, regardless of source, can damage jeans. This is one reason why it is recommended that you wash your pair only when it is absolutely necessary. Cotton which is what pure denims are all about is susceptible to moisture and responds in different ways depending on the prevailing environmental condition. While cotton is comfortable in hot and dry conditions, it has a tendency to hold on to moisture. The denim made out of cotton is not as vulnerable to moisture as natural cotton but there is a sustained impact on jeans.

Wrangler has always been at the forefront of making tough and durable jeans. People who love the brand have worn the same pair for years. Many actually have decades old Wranglers in their wardrobe. The new cooling technology is surely going to win some more fans for the brand. There are many who would still prefer the good old originals but if you have an issue with moisture trapped in your denims, weighing you down and making the pair uncomfortable, or if you simply wish to explore an athleisure apparel from Wrangler, then you ought to grab a pair of Cool Vantage.

Mount Vernon has an extensive association with Wrangler. The former has helped the latter to develop flame resistant fabrics. They are working on other developments as well. While you can definitely expect more innovations from the duo, have you tried the Wrangler jeans with Cool Vantage technology yet?

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