Wrangler Texas Stretch jeans give you a sleek but flexible look for any occasion. With a straight fit down the leg, the pants host four-pockets are made with stretchy cotton denim. Customers have reported that the pants have a good fit and are made from a soft denim, a true man’s man pair of jeans. The waist has a bit of give due to the elastic in the fabric, with the added benefit of keeping the wearer’s butt from coming out of their pants while they take on every rough and dirty task.

A New Generation of Jeans

Some long-term Wrangler’s fans are disappointed in this new design, claiming that they are much lighter than the traditional jeans. This may be due to the added stretchiness in the fabric, changing the entire makeup of the pant. While this is an attractive feature for many jean-shoppers, some men who are used to wearing a heavy pair of pants are unsatisfied with how light the pants feel while on. The difference being that the original jeans are 98% cotton, with the new Wrangler Texas Stretch formulation made of 15% polyester and only 82% cotton. Some men have made Wrangler Texas Stretch jeans their go-to fit, buying another pair once they’ve worn out the first. These jeans hit the market at a competitive price for a durable long-lasting product.

Different Colors and Sizes

Supplying you with a classic staple for casual occasions, but can also be worn for dressier occasions if paired with a button-down shirt. A common sight in Texas, the jean’s namesake, are men wearing a pair of Wranglers with a button down and blazer for Sunday service or at a graduation or wedding. Not necessarily an accepted trend in more sophisticated states, a little too casual in some circles, jeans on special occasions is fully acceptable practice in the Lone Star State. The Wrangler Texas Stretch jeans are reported to not fit too baggy nor too tight, and have large pockets big enough to host an iPhone 7, the largest model of Apple phone.

The Ladies Love these Jeans too

The Wrangler Texas Stretch Jeans snugly shape the backside, letting you show off those hard-earned glutes. Perfect to wear for a date night or even an interview, you can slap on these jeans anytime you are looking to make a lasting impression. The elastic comes in handy here, keeping you comfortable even after a big meal.

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