Like all other brands, Wrangler jeans conform to certain preset classifications. The company has its own definitions and styles that may or may not be identical with those of other brands. This is true for all jeans manufacturers. Here is a brief but technically helpful guide to help you find the ideal pair of Wrangler jeans.

Wrangler jeans have distinct fits & cuts. You will find Wrangler jeans with boot cut, straight cut, slim or skinny cut. You will find slim fit, skinny fit, relaxed fit and regular fit. Any of these fits may have either boot cut or straight cut. A regular or relaxed fit may have a skinny or slim cut. A pair of slim fit jeans may actually have a tapered leg with a regular waist. Then there is the stretch variant. You are obviously aware that slimmer people would look better with skinny or slim fits. Those with bulky legs will need roomier jeans. Height, waist size, length of the legs, width of thighs, bulk in the hip and body fat would weigh heavily on your choice.

Wrangler jeans come in various colours. They can be classic blue, a lighter or darker shade of blue. There are different kinds of treatments as well. Wrangler jeans are stonewashed, dirty washed, vintage, acid washed or just raw. The wash will determine the colour or the exact shade of the colour in most cases. The saturation of the hue and the texture will also be influenced by the wash. You have to factor both the wash and the colour collectively.

• The type of body you have will always influence your choice and this is not unique to Wrangler jeans. Your weight is one broader factor. You have to consider different specific details in the right context. For instance, your waist size will be a determining factor but not without the size of your hip, the width of your thighs and your height. Many people with a broader waist do not necessarily have a heavy hip. A high waist rise may make the area around the hips rather baggy. Likewise, many people who have a slightly larger waist do not always have wide thighs or heavy legs. A regular waist with a tapered or skin fit may look better than a relaxed fit. The entire proportion of the lower half of the body, right from the waist where you would like to sport your Wrangler jeans down to the ankle, will have to be factored in to buy the perfect pair.

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