Ask Nike about athletic performance or the way their shoes would help enhance your physical abilities and the official representatives would be very cautious in their responses. Nike shoes have been widely endorsed around the world and innumerable athletes have grown to love a plethora of their designs and models. Since many athletes, sports persons and fitness enthusiasts endorse Nike shoes wholeheartedly, one does wonder if the footwear or the comfort, stability and cushion in them have any effect on athletic performance.

Nike shoes come with different kinds of cushion. The most popular cushion technology of the brand is air. Since there are many shoes that are comfortable and offer optimum support or stability, let us focus on the cushion. Nike has endeavoured over the years to establish itself as an ideal footwear brand for athletes who would like to have a springier feel while running. It has stressed on how its cushion will improve strides and be easy on the feet and legs because the pressures or thrusts would be mitigated and there would be musculature relief to an extent.

There is no denying the fact that Nike shoes are springy, and they are comfy. Also, one cannot deny that the shoes have an impact on how comfortably you can run or how easily you can jump. How high you can jump is obviously subject to many other physical attributes. It is unfair to compare unalike people to enthusiasts with varying athletic prowess. Any ordinary person or even a fitness expert will find it easier to run or jog, jump and perform various exercises owing to the cushioning in Nike shoes. In a way, Nike shoes would indeed provide a boost to performance, but the footwear is not a literal performance enhancer. If someone does not have enough endurance to run a marathon then Nike shoes would do little to help them reach the finish line.

There is a caveat however as Nike shoes do not improve performance in all kinds of activities courtesy its cushion. There are Nike shoes with amazing cushion that are completely futile when you are lifting weights or doing any kind of cross training. The cushion that so many people around the country love will become your limiting factor during cross training or strength training workouts. The cushion works wonders during cardio workouts and it can be wonderful even when you are just walking.

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