Wrangler durable jeans are not exactly a distinct collection, at least not if you define specific series according to the design or style and include its variants. Wrangler durable jeans cut across designs, styles and types. Like most other types of jeans from Wrangler, the durable jeans are available in most sizes, with waists ranging from 30 to 42 and some variants having size 44 as well and the lengths ranging from 30 to 34 with some exceptions being longer up to 36. The most common colors of such durable jeans are blue and black but you may also find some in brown and beige. The wash colors are confined to darkwash blue, lightwash blue, midwash blue and black.

Wrangler durable jeans can sport distinctly different styles and in some cases subtle variations. For instance, the Wrangler Texas Stretch Denim Jeans Ground Ball is one of the durable options, but it is not the same as the Wrangler Arizona Stretch Denim Jeans Blueprint Blue. Likewise, you can go for Wrangler Texas Stretch Denim Jeans Fast Ball and that would be quite different from the Wrangler Durable Stretch Denim Jeans Black. The bestsellers among these are the Wrangler Durable Stretch Denim Jeans. They come in different shades and denim wash colours.

The Wrangler Texas Stretch Denim Jeans Ground Ball is cool and comfortable. The pair is for daily use. It has a five pocket classic design in regular fit with a straight leg. These are made of 98.5% cotton and 1.5% elastane. The Wrangler Arizona Men’s Blueprint Denim Jeans are similar in fit and shape but are made of 99% cotton and 1% elastane. Both are machine washable. The Wrangler Durable Stretch Black Jeans have a slightly narrower hem than the Arizona Denim but similar shape and fit. It is made of 98% cotton and 2% elastane. Wrangler durable jeans are not very different from how the brand approaches its Texas stretch and other styles. The proportion of elastane is determined by the desired capacity of stretch. Some designs are more comfortable because of a roomier design. Some designs have a more snug fit and can be ideal for those who are fond of slim fits than regular fits.

Wrangler durable jeans are so called and classified for a simple reason. They can last a really long time, even if you use them every day. You can assuredly look forward to using a pair for ten years, perhaps longer.

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