Every major brand of denims has some similarities and differences. Wrangler is not the oldest brand of jeans, but it transformed the very concept of western wear. These transformations are subtly and obviously reflected in three iconic attributes in the design of an authentic Wrangler. These three elements are found in almost all designs, regardless of the model and cut. Read More →

Wrangler has been a major brand of denims for a long time now. It is not as old as some of its other equally popular competitors but it has certainly been one of the more celebrated American originals that have dominated the realm of denims. Wrangler has not been too aggressive with its experiments. Its competitors have also held back from unnecessary toying with materials or designs. Whatever experiments the big brands have carried out have been limited to special editions. Only when something has been proven to be truly effective, such as stretchable jeans that combine cotton and polyester, have these brands rolled out something new and we are perhaps going to witness something similar anytime now. Read More →