It is imperative to have at least a few pair of men’s jeans. Whether you wear jeans to work or you like socialising in your favourite denims, you would always want some more pairs. Since many types of jeans last for a really long time, you would want to pick a style that will stay relevant. There are several elements you need to focus on while buying men’s jeans. Here is a step by step guide to simplify the whole process.

• Even before you begin shopping, you should know your measurements. Use a tape to measure your waist and then measure the length of your leg, down from the crotch to your heel. Many people shop for men’s jeans and focus only on the waist size. In common parlance, it is alright to confine the whole size to just the waist but the technicality demands that you factor in the length as well. Since most men shop for jeans online these days, you would not have the luxury to alter it, which is a possibility at single brand or multi brand stores. Make a note of your waist size and ideal length, only then embark on your online shopping.

• Understand the fact that not every manufacturer has the same approach to size. Some manufacturers are more lenient while some are strict. It is unlikely you will find a pair of men’s jeans sized thirty two to actually have a waist size of thirty four inches. It is also unlikely that a pair that is thirty two inches long will be thirty six inches. However, there will be some anomalies. The exact width and length can be a few millimetres off the sizes that the manufacturer describes or mentions. You should find out what the exact sizing approach of a brand is and accordingly correlate the relevant size with your own measurements.

• Never pick a pair of men’s jeans that does not flatter your waist, hips, thighs and calves. Be it slim fit or skinny jeans, regular fit, tapered, high rise or low rise, loose or relaxed, mid rise or low crotch, you should always choose the perfect fit. The specific styling elements or features of design can be chosen based on personal preference. The fit has to be more practical. Men with very thin legs should avoid skinny jeans as their limbs would appear thinner. Men with heavy hips should avoid high rise jeans as they would appear bigger and heavier.

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