Anyone familiar with Wrangler jeans would be aware of the plethora of types and styles. It is not just the fit that defines the distinctly different styles. There is a substantial difference in the materials and hence the attributes of specific jeans. At the face of it, Wrangler jeans can be categorised as slim, regular or comfort. You have two major choices in slim fit. They are Skanders and Vegas. The regular fit has four variants. These are Rockville, Floyd, Greensboro and Millard. The comfort fit has two distinct variants. These are Texas and Bill.

Delve a little deeper and you would find big and tall jeans, relaxed fit and regular fit jeans, boot cut and straight leg jeans, rigid jeans, prewashed jeans, retro and wrancher slacks, comfort jeans and stretch jeans among others. You can specifically look for fire resistant jeans as well. Then there are collections such as 20X and Rock 47 that don’t fall into any specific fit or style because there are a number of variations. It is true that there are more options for men and women. Wrangler jeans usually come in four to five distinct categories for women. There are dedicated collections for boys, girls, infants and toddlers.

The real question that you must answer as a shopper is the attributes that you would want in your pair of Wrangler jeans. It is not enough to know your size so you can choose the perfect fit. Different sizes of Wrangler jeans come with bootleg, straight and tapered cuts, multiple styles can be big & tall, relaxed, slim, low rise and regular or classic, there can be a number of features such as moisture wicking, stretch and flame resistance and there is obviously the subtle shades of blue.

Wrangler jeans are not among the most expensive but the plethora of styles, attributes and sizes do make it a tad overwhelming for many shoppers. Online shopping does simplify the whole process since you can search and browse the entire inventory, filter the results based on your chosen preferences and pretty much explore all the relevant collections. Yet, it is possible you would miss out on something that may be more satiating for you. This is primarily why you should be familiar with the distinct styles. The brand has more than five hundred and fifty styles at the moment so it is quite a treasure-trove for any and sundry.

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