With so many different options for men’s clothing brands on the market, it’s understandable to feel a little overwhelmed sometimes.

You may have a brand or two that you trust, but you don’t really want to do the research involved in changing things up a bit. Are you the kind of person who just picks one brand and sticks with it forever?

Of course, there is nothing wrong with that. When it comes to fashion, comfort is ultimately everything. If you know it works, and you don’t want to rock the boat, you certainly don’t have to. At the same time, it can be fun sometimes to mix things up a bit. If that sounds appealing to you, then we have you covered with the top 5 men’s clothing brands.

Top Three Men’s Clothing Brands

If you don’t want to change your current routine with men’s fashion, that is perfectly fine. However, if you want to at least consider branching out, here is a list of the 5 best men’s clothing brands. This is an ideal point from which to figure out some viable alternatives for your wardrobe:

  • Levis: When it comes to jeans for men, women, and kids, Levis continues to be one the standard bearers of quality and style. They have been doing this for nearly two centuries at this point, and their reputation remains profound. They continue to drive the industry, and they contain to make some of the best products on earth.

  • Second/Layer: Founded by Anthony Franco, this is a brand that has become a pretty big deal in recent years. In particular, the brand was particularly praised for some of their releases in the 2016. They have only been around since 2012, and they have already established themselves as one of the most unique men’s clothing brands out there.

  • Lee Cooper: When it comes to jeans that are built to list, Lee Cooper is one of the first names you are going to want to consider. However, there is more to this company than just high-quality denim products.


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