Lee has been one of the leading jeans brands in the world for over a century now. It has always been a pioneer of denim. Over the decades, Lee has initiated and brought about many innovations, mostly dealing with different types of denims and craftsmanship that have improved the quality of their casual wears. In recent years, Lee jeans have undergone a significant transformation. This is not to imply that older styles are out of fashion or that the brand does not focus on more traditional denims. As a part of its constant innovation and evolution, there are now some contemporary Lee jeans that have little to no competition among denims.

The three reasons for you to buy contemporary Lee jeans are Curvy Fit, Easy Fit and Active Comfort Denim. These three transformations allow Lee jeans to remain ever reliable and durable while being more flexible, versatile and multipurpose. Lee has tried to cater to the new segment of apparel that you may be familiar with, which is being called athleisure, a combination of athletic and leisure wears. The three technologies ensure the specific pairs of jeans are more flattering yet form fitting, comfortable and yet capable of enduring substantial stress.

• The Curvy Fit series caters to women. There is a waistband that has no gap and a tilted rise to flatter the natural curves. Traditional jeans usually leave an undesirable gap around the waist. The high stretch denim comes with a supremely flexible waistband. These jeans are softer and smoother. They have the ability to hug the natural curves at the desirable places, thus assuring perfect fit and comfort.

• The Easy Fit series also caters to women and especially those who have a busy and active lifestyle. This new slimming stretch fabric has the ability to be stretched up to 65%. It is almost akin to wearing a good quality yoga pant but with all the structural and style benefits of the classic denim. These new technologies do not replace or substitute the good old advantages of denim.

• The Active Comfort Denim caters to men. The premium fabric provides four-way flexibility. This is designed bearing in mind the needs of men who are active and adventurous, fitness enthusiasts or hard workers. The new fabric is more powerful and yet flexible than any denim ever used by Lee or any other brand making classic men’s jeans. The three new attributes, although distinct, are reasons enough to buy one of the many state of the art Lee jeans.

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