Every major brand of denims has some similarities and differences. Wrangler is not the oldest brand of jeans, but it transformed the very concept of western wear. These transformations are subtly and obviously reflected in three iconic attributes in the design of an authentic Wrangler. These three elements are found in almost all designs, regardless of the model and cut.

• One of the first noticeable elements is the flat rivet. It is not the only company to use rivets for the purpose of securing denims at strategic points that are likely to be subjected to excess stress and strain. It is also not the only brand to use flat rivets, but it was the first. The rivets were flattened to ensure wearers did not scratch their saddles. While you may not be a cowboy or ride a horse anymore, you will like the flat rivets as they do not cause any duress, to car seats, furniture or wherever you sit. Authentic jeans from Wrangler have flat rivets made of copper.

• You will find the classic watch pocket in all its jeans. You may not use a pocket watch any more, but you can stash your coins and keys. It is unlikely your coins will slip out or drop even if you were to do jumping jacks or box jumps. The size or depth of the watch pocket may vary depending on design and size.

• All major brands of denims use a patch at the back. Wrangler does so too but it sports a unique rope design, also how the logo is stylized. This is truly iconic given the history of the brand and its transformation over the years. The patch no longer has the Blue Bell’s Wrangler Authentic Western Jeans written on it. The patch now simply reads Wrangler.

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