Nike Trainers

Your pair of Nike trainers will get dirty in due course of time. One long run on a dirt road or a short hike exploring a dusty countryside would be enough to transform the aesthetics of your Nike trainers. Where you live, the kind of dust and grime your shoes have to endure every day, how regular you are with cleaning and the age of your pair will influence the aesthetics and hygiene. It is best if you are timely responsive when it comes to cleaning Nike trainers. You need not be proactive as an otherwise clean and fresh pair of shoes does not require any cleaning or maintenance. However, you should immediately clean your shoes after it is exposed to some serious dirt. Letting dust and dirt remain on the pair will worsen the stains. When you do have a dirty and dusty pair, perhaps stained in parts, use this simple method to clean Nike trainers. Read More →

Lee Brooklyn jeans have successfully managed to do what many series from various brands had tried and failed to achieve. Lee Brooklyn jeans are the perfect synergy of fit and comfort without compromising style or movement. It should be noted that skinny or slim jeans are rarely very maneuverable. Even the slenderest men and women struggle to enjoy a perfectly natural poise during movements and while working purposefully in different postures. The baggiest jeans, ala the loose fits and the likes, are the least desirable in a purely aesthetic sense. They do not have prominent lines and the whole craftsmanship gets lost in a large form that almost appears shapeless in most instances. Lee Brooklyn jeans are the midway you are looking for if you are neither slim nor extra large. Read More →

Nike Trainers

You will always get a better deal online when you are shopping for Nike footwear. Whether you visit a multi-brand retail store or an exclusive outlet of the company, you will not get as much a discount you can avail online. Do not be surprised if you get up to eighty percent markdowns in some cases on a few shoes, trainers or sneakers. It is fair to state that discounts are available throughout the year. You should be surprised if you are not getting any discount on at least some of the shoes you consider worthwhile. Read More →

Levis has a history spanning nearly a hundred and fifty years. Levis 501 has a history of around a hundred and thirty years. It is obvious that the denim has evolved and there is a world of difference between the first ever design and the ones you find in stores today. You can still shop for some of the older models or designs. You may also get around to grabbing a vintage Levis 501 but it is likely to cost a small fortune. The 501 was used for the first time in 1890 so that is when we shall go back to. Read More →

Every major brand of denims has some similarities and differences. Wrangler is not the oldest brand of jeans, but it transformed the very concept of western wear. These transformations are subtly and obviously reflected in three iconic attributes in the design of an authentic Wrangler. These three elements are found in almost all designs, regardless of the model and cut. Read More →

Nike Trainers

There are hundreds of different types of Nike shoes. It is not easy to generalise since different models or series and their varying editions make use of distinct materials. Even if the same raw materials are used, the mishmash is different and there is always more or less of each component depending on the purpose and design. What we do know is the general materials used by the company to makes its bestsellers. Read More →

Wrangler has been a major brand of denims for a long time now. It is not as old as some of its other equally popular competitors but it has certainly been one of the more celebrated American originals that have dominated the realm of denims. Wrangler has not been too aggressive with its experiments. Its competitors have also held back from unnecessary toying with materials or designs. Whatever experiments the big brands have carried out have been limited to special editions. Only when something has been proven to be truly effective, such as stretchable jeans that combine cotton and polyester, have these brands rolled out something new and we are perhaps going to witness something similar anytime now. Read More →

Lee is a legend among denim brands. It has been around since 1889. The brand has become a signature of innovation and durability. Its quality is unsurpassed. Some may debate that Lee has its equal in more than one competing brand but the company surely has many firsts to its credit. The first zip fly jeans were made by Lee. It came up with hair on hide leather label and the stylised stitching on the back pocket. Lee jeans are practical and they are just as good as work-wear as they are appropriate at trendy settings. One of the oldest brands has remained contemporary for over a hundred and twenty years. Read More →

The debate over the best brand of jeans has not been settled in over a hundred years and it is unlikely to be resolved. There will never be any consensus, forget the possibility of unanimity, unless one particular brand creates an undisputed monopoly and captures the entire global market. This is highly unlikely and nearly impossible in free market economies championing entrepreneurship and condemning predatory business practices. Levi’s jeans are one of the oldest and most popular brands of denims. If you are a fan of Levi’s jeans, then you may be interested in some of these facts. Read More →